Saturday, November 9, 2013

SC Cuppa Kit Layout and SC Lifted Layout-Lesson 5

It is late here, but I am up as I just got back from my husband's high school football playoff game. We had to play the #1 team in the state and ended up losing pretty bad. Honestly, we were really just happy to make the playoffs as this is Brian's first year as the head coach, and he got a late start with everything. It is so odd when football is over around here because our lives go from super-super hectic to back to somewhat normal (I guess...I mean how normal is life really when you have a 3 year old and almost 2 year old running around destroying your house all the time?)

Anyways..I am sharing a couple of layouts I made yesterday and today. One is a layout I made with Studio Calico's November kit - Cuppa (love this one and just got it yesterday!) and the other is another layout for the Studio Calico Lifted class, which also uses a lot of Cuppa.

This layout was definitely inspired by/partially lifted from Catherine Davis' layout with the same title - You can see it HERE. I loved how she used the clocks and the number stickers to show her little girl at age 1, 2 & 3 - so I did the same for Eli - but used a different format.

"Flies" in the title was cute from my cameo. The blue circle behind the number sticker was punched from some coordinating paper included in the card kit. The arrows are stickers from SC's Here and There line.

I measured each of the frames I was going to use and then cropped the photos in Photoshop Elements to fit each frame. To make sure each picture went well together, I used a Photoshop Action to give each one the same "colors/tints". (The one I used is from Two Peas - Adrienne Looman and is called Soft Tea.)

This next layout was made starting with the Sketch from Lesson 5 of SC's Lifted class. The lesson was more about lifting a color scheme. I ended up lifting color more from the sample/created layout than the original layout.

How cute are they in these costumes? They loved them so much that they slept in them some when I first got them. Side Note - for having boys, I tend to deal with fashion issues I choose my battles. Eli has worn about everything to bed..including swim trunks and swim shirts. This is why I am not even fazed when I see a kid wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle costume at church in the middle of summer.

I realized I forgot to write the date in once I took the picture so I will have to add that.

I absolutely loved the sticker sheet in this Month's main kit...I hope they include more of these.

Also, in case it is of any interest to you, here is what I picked up kit-wise from SC for November:

I also ended up picking up a few sheets of paper from the Add-ons as well - the ones I really was loving. (I picked them up from another online retailer.) Also, there are definitely items from my stash on these layouts as well so if you have questions about any items, feel free to ask.

Well that is it for this Friday Night/Saturday - I hope your weekend is a good one!

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  1. I love what you did with the picture frames! I always get stuck with that kind of paper.