Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Life Thursday

Now that I am back at work from maternity leave, Thursdays are my "day off" or more like, the day I stay home with the boys, so my Project Life Tuesday has now become Project Life Thursday.  You can learn more about Project Life HERE.

Since I am doing a monthly approach to Project Life this year, I do not have a weekly layout to show, so I am sharing what I have done for Eli's baby book this week.  Here is Month 3. (You can see Month 1 and Month 2 HERE and HERE.) I am using Becky Higgins' Photo Pocket Pages and mostly her old Baby Kit sold by Creating Keepsakes.  This month I did use some journaling and filler cards from the Amber Edition, Clementine Edition and Turquoise Edition. (Yes, I have all 4!)
Page 1 & 2
(I still need to write on the long journaler...)
Close Up - Page 1 - Using Pocket Page-Design A
Close Up - Page 2 - Using Pocket Page-Design G
 Close Up - Page 3 - Using Photo Pocket-Design G
Journaling for Page 4
(Since I would have blurred out a lot on this page, I am just showing the journaling card.)
Page 5 & 6
 Close Up - Page 5
(This Page Protector came in Becky's baby kit, but it is similiar to Design C.)
Close Up - Page 6 - Using Photo Pocket-Design A
Also, have you seen that Becky Higgins released the digital horizontal journaling cards for Project Life at  I was hesitant at first to buy them because honestly, I haven't been using my color printer much and have used it minimally for scrapbooking (mainly journaling).  However, I saw Monica McNeill use them on her pages and thought they looked great, so I bought some.  I love how they turned out! 

Now, I just have a lot of cutting to do...ready for Becky Higgins to come out with that 3x4 punch! Oh and they are sized perfectly for Becky Higgins' Photo Pocket Pages so the height is a little under 3 inches.

I am linking up at The Mom Creative, which is HERE and at One Happy Mama, which is HERE.
Hope you are having a good week - Thanks for stopping by!
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Life Tuesday-January Pages

For this Project Life Tuesday, I am sharing my January pages.  I am taking the monthly approach to Project Life this year.  This really has not decreased the amount of pictures I am including or taking.  It is just making it easier for me to pull layouts together because I do not have to worry about what week each picture fits into and do not really have to display pictures in date order.  This has made it MUCH easier for me.  Since this is all of my January pages, this post will be picture HEAVY. 

I am missing a few pictures, so I just have notes where the pictures will go once I receive them.  For some reason, they did not get downloaded with this batch of pictures, so I am waiting to get them from Snapfish.  All Pocket Pages are Design A unless noted below.  Also, I mainly am using the Cobalt Core Kit and the Cobalt Cardstock. If you have any questions about other supplies you see, feel free to ask.

Title Page Spread - Page 1 & 2

Close Up - Page 1

Close Up - Page 2

Pages 3 & 4

Close Up - Page 3

Close Up - Page 4
(This is the Pocket Pages-Design D with the last section cut off.)

Pages 5 & 6

Close Up - Page 5
(This is the back side of Design D - again with the last section cut off.)

Close Up - Page 6

Pages 7 & 8
(Page 8 is a 6x12 Page Protector, so you can see 1/2 of the page behind it. This one is by American Crafts as I do not have any of Becky's yet - though I plan to order some when they are back in stock.)

Close Up - Page 7

Close Up - Page 8

Pages 9 & 10
(Page 9 is the back of a 6x12 Page Protector, so you can see 1/2 of the page behind it.)

Close Up - Page 9

Close Up - Page 10
(This is the Pocket Pages - Design E.)
This page has a few pictures of Eli I took one day that I really liked but not all really had a "story" behind them.  I decided to showcase them as 3 mini layouts and on the 4th layout write about some things Eli was doing/starting to do in January.  I think this will be great to do each month so I plan to include this type of page monthly.  I did the same thing for Max, which is on the back of this layout.

Pages 11 & 12

Close Up - Page 11
(This is the Pocket Pages - Design E.)

Close Up - Page 12

Well that is all my pages for January. I am guessing this will be the only time I am done with my whole month on the Tuesday after the month ends as I return to work from maternity leave on Friday...but we will see. Also, I had a post about how I am organizing my Project Life supplies that you can see HERE.  As I am being kind of a minimalist with this project, if you have a lot of Project Life supplies to organize, you can check out these blogs that have some great ideas:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project Life Organization

I just wanted to share how I am organizing my Project Life projects for this year and for past years.  You can learn more about Project Life HERE.

1. Core Kit Contents  - Thanks to Becky Higgins, the new core kits now come in a great box that is already organized, so I figured why mess with a good thing.  The only change I made to this is I took all the journaling cards out of their boxes (I saw this HERE on Deb Duty's blog). This helps to be able to flip through them real fast and pick out what ones you want. 

For last year's kit, they did not have this core box.  I also do not have a core box for the baby scrapbooks I am doing Project Life style, so I am using organizers I got at Target.  I saw these HERE on Erin's blog. I am actually also storing "extra stuff" I want to use and tools I use for this year's Project Life in the purple one.  I plan to use it specifically for that once I finish 2011 (hopefully, soon!). 

(Note that I put some styrofoam in the bottom of the first section in order for the cards to stick out. I cut it from a sheet of styrofoam I had from my Project Life box last year.  You can see on Erin's picture HERE what it looks like with no styrofoam.)

2. Cardstock - I am using the box that the Project Life Big Pack of Pocket Pages came in.  This is working out really great.  It is really easy to look through and store big scraps.

3. Small scraps - I am using a small cardboard box that I already had. It works pretty well and all small scraps that I may want to use on journaling cards.

4. Page Protectors/Pocket Pages - I am storing these in an extra 12 x 12 binder.  I have tried storing them in the box they came in but they slide around too much and are hard to take in and out.

Even though I mainly due my scrapping in my scrap area, all of these solutions are portable in case I want to take everything into another room.

Hope you are having a good Sunday and enjoy the Super Bowl - Go Giants!