Friday, August 9, 2013

Project Life - Week 11 2013 - Part 1

I am back today sharing part of Project Life Week 11. This trying to sell my house is really cutting into my blogging time :) plus I was sick earlier in the week but finally feeling better!  Anyways, this week actually had a lot of pictures so I had more than one spread but here is the first one. My photo session got stopped short (as you will see at the end of my post) so the pics are not my best ever. It usually takes me a few shots to find the right lighting and to get the spread centered. 

I used Studio Calico's Roundabout PL Kit and Cumberland Gap Add-On (which is still available) as well as items from my stash. If you have any questions about any particular items I used, just leave me a comment.

Week 11 - Spread 1

 Left Side

 Right Side

...and the reason my photo session got cut short is because someone decided to get a little too close to my layout while I was taking pictures...

..luckily nothing was damaged but I will now try to take pictures sans-Max :)

I am a little behind on sharing but still have not finished a lot of weeks - I think I have finished through Week 15.... I am trying not to worry too much about it and just do what I can when I can. I may try to work on current weeks from now on and catch up on older weeks as I have time. I actually worked on last week's spread during the week which was actually nice to do...

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Hope you have a Happy Friday!


  1. Luckily nothing got damaged during the photo shoot usually its my cat that gets in my photos :)

  2. Great PL layout. My dog usually sits on my layouts. I have to lock him out of my room when I take photos.

  3. great PL spread, love how you went all primary!

  4. Whew! That was a close call. I love the PL pages. Creative and fun.

  5. I love your PL layouts! Love,love the colors and all the little deatails you used!